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Your home, business, or communities gate system goes far beyond the gate and operator.  It is comprised of many components that work cohesively to limit access.  As part of the whole system, access control devices such as telephone entry systems & access control panels, proximity readers, and keypads work with a variety of credentials to allow access through the gate system.

Telephone Entry


A simplistic and cost efficient access control solution for granting access to a magnetically locked pedestrian gate or automated vehicular gate. Available with options for residential or commercial applications, hard wired or wireless, and a large code capacity range from 1 to thousands. Keypads can be mounted at different heights to allow easy access for cars, pedestrians, and equestrian riders. Telephone intercom systems that allow two way communication for granting access to a pedestrian and/or vehicular gate. Telephone entry units utilize a traditional phone line, cellular network, VOIP, or wifi to initiate calls to any type of phone, land line or cellular. The gate is triggered using designated key commands on the receiving phone. Telephone entry systems can be used in conjunction with other access control equipment such as secondary keypads, card readers, and transponder systems. Basic systems have call ability only. Upgrades include touchscreen display, live video streaming, smart device app function, built in keypads, cameras, pc programmable function, user history logs / push notifications, and increased capacity.

Card Readers

Access Control Panels

These panels are used to negotiate access between a credentialed point such as keypads, card readers, transponder systems, or transmitter/receiver radio equipment and a gate operator or pedestrian gate. Remote programming capability allows for convenient management of your database in a user friendly format. Access control option that delivers a high level of security. With this system, proximity cards are assigned to individuals. The card is placed on or near the reader for gate access. Cards can be added / removed as needed when cards are lost, access is revoked, new access privilege is given, etc. These readers can be used for a single door or gate in a stand alone application or part of a network of access points.
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