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Whether entering a gated community, parking garage, or other restricted vehicle access area, vehicle identification systems can be used to prevent unauthorized access and track authorized access. ┬áThis hands free technology is highly efficient and reliable.  We offer barcode readers and RFID readers that can be used in a multitude of applications.

RFID Systems

Barcode Automation

The Barcode Reader uses advanced laser technology to identify vehicles traveling up to 25mph. It is an efficient and reliable system for automatic vehicle identification at gated communities and parking facilities. This unit is compatible with all access control panels, gate operators, and visitor management systems. Barcode decals are placed on the side window of authorized vehicles. Once properly placed, they cannot be lost, shared, or stolen. The barcode scanner will not read copies or fake decals. Furthermore, each decal has a unique number so you know which vehicle enters. The RFID Reader (radio frequency identification) use ultra high radio frequency to read tags and cards to permit access to gates. They are designed for Automatic Vehicle Identification by communicating with an access controller. Using block coding on the vehicle tags, we can determine who and when a vehicle is entering an access point. Long range readers can read up to 25 feet. The reader is small and slim and can be installed high and out the line of sight.
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